Destinations in Sarawak

Fondly known as the Cat City, state capital Kuching is the most densely populated city in Sarawak. A unique blend old meets new, Kuching offers an experience like no other.
Sri Aman
Sri Aman is well known for its mighty Batang Lupar River and the tidal bore phenomenon, which attracts surfer enthusiasts from around the world to this small town in Sarawak.
Situated along the Rejang River sits the town of Sibu, entry point to numerous Iban and Orang Ulu longhouses, where tourists can experience the culture and hospitality of the locals.
The coastal city of Miri is well-known as both a popular ecotourism destination and the main tourist gateway to world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the interiors of Sarawak.
A border town in the Limbang Division of Sarawak, Limbang is home to the most culturally diverse populations in the state.
The relatively small town of Sarikei is located along the Rajang River and is famed for being a leading pineapple and pepper production hub in the state.
Famous for its beautiful longhouses,Kapit is a vibrant commercial and social hub for the middle Rajang River, catering for both the longhouse communities and visitors.
A major industrial centre, Bintulu is also a rising star in the local ecotourism scene with its stunning Similajau National Park, famed for its pristine beaches and lush rainforest treks.
Once a small village, Kota Samarahan is now one of the fastest developing districts in Sarawak, and is the main education hub for the state.
The centre of Melanau culture, Mukah is a small coastal town in the central region of Sarawak. A unique feature of Mukah is that it is Sarawak’s only Melanau-majority town.
Betong is the smallest administrative division in Sarawak, and is well-known for its rich history dating back to the times of the battles fought by legendary Iban warrior, Rentap.
Well-known as the durian hub of Sarawak, Serian is nestled 40 miles away from Kuching, and borders Tebedu on the Indonesia-Malaysia border. Serian is also famous for its many waterfalls.